About Us


Peer2Peer Learning
Peer2Peer Learning


Who We Are

Peer 2 Peer Learning  is a global education company with a focus on vocational training and early childhood education support.

We use made for mobile e-learning as an education aid,  and we specialise in collaborative learning driven through the latest in pedagogical practice and affordable, integrated technology.

Our company works with  governments and other businesses to develop and deliver high quality education linked to employment in emerging markets in developing economies.

We support learning and development in the following areas

  • Integrated technology solutions and change management
  • Higher level technological literacy
  • Data management
  • Policy development
  • Program development
  • Program development frameworks
  • Funding systems and processes
  • Early childhood education
  • Adult education
  • Trauma informed practice

Our Director

Rachel Louttit, Director

Our company Director is Rachel Louttit.


Rachel is  clinically trained adult  education professional with  over 10 years experience in adult education, education support and online integrated learning strategies.

In addition  experience executive management   and consultancy,at a state, national and international level,   Rachel holds a Diploma in Community Services,  a Diploma in Social Housing, a Diploma in Vocational Education and Training, a Bachelor of Arts in Education/English and a Masters in Counselling.


Our Staff 

Our  staff are experienced professionals across e learning, service system design, customer experience, vocational education and education support.



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